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Hello everyone! This is Teacher Maxeen.Teaching English has been a very rewarding job for me for almost a year now. My work experience includes teaching different levels of students particularly Japanese and Koreans in various academies through homebased online teaching. I love teaching English because basically I consider teaching as my greatest passion and English as my language. I love to socializing in different kinds of people and sharing to them my skills. The main focus of my lesson has always been about allowing my students to talk and express themselves freely. I want to create a happy environment and I encourage my students to have fun while learning English. I can help you become better whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced learner.They say English is the universal language and if you can speak english you can communicate to the world. I can help you learn in fun and easy way. Again this is teacher Maxeen and I look forward in seeing and meeting you. Have a great day!

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