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I am a British teacher with a CELTA and over ten years of experience. I have taught English in Vietnam, Cambodia and the United Kingdom. I have taught in language centres, public schools and online, from beginners to people needing to get IELTS band scores of 8.0 and higher to be doctors. I love teaching but these days prefer to take it easy and teach online rather than in a noisy, hot, crowded classroom. I have two dogs and need to spend three hours a day walking them, and love talking about dogs. I have had a variety of jobs in various different countries, including being a Karaoke DJ on the holiday island of Mallorca in Spain! I speak reasonable conversational Spanish - certainly not enough to teach it though! I believe that the key to language teaching is autonomy - that means allowing the student to choose. This applies to content, pace and methodology. Whether you want to learn simply by chatting about travel, or by reading and answering questions on academic articles; whether you want lots of continuous error correction or just major errors at the end of the lesson: the choice is yours and I am happy to accommodate you. I settled in South East Asia over ten years ago now and am looking forward to retiring to the Philippines with my wife sometime in the next ten years.

star 4.87
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