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At the beginning of my working life, I had a dilemma that I had to choose between a full-time corporate job and a temporary teaching job. I ended up taking the full-time offer because I was worried about job security. After taking a detour for a number of years, I’ve decided to follow my heart quitting the full-time job and becoming a teacher. It used to be my greatest regret in life but now that I am a teacher and have opportunities to share my experiences with my students, I am so grateful for all various work experiences I have had. Those experiences are so worthwhile in giving my tutored students career and life advice. Up to now, I’ve been teaching English for a couple of years. Prior to teaching, I worked for 6 years in both public and private sectors. My greatest achievements in life are being awarded EF High School Year Scholarships to US and New Zealand (a year each) as well as MUIC Young Ambassador Scholarship to Canada for approximately 1 year. My teaching philosophy has always been the belief that people learn best when they’re having fun and being a teacher nowadays is not just about educating but it’s also about facilitating and coaching. Moreover, I admit that even though I am teacher, I don’t know everything. I’m not going to lie but I’ve always tried my very best to find answers for my students. Apart from teaching English, I believe I am capable of teaching my native language which is Thai, although I haven’t taught it formally before. I strongly believe that my experience as a journalist in the government sector has made me a good communicator in Thai. My experience as an English teacher could make me a good Thai teacher.

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    EscuelaMahidol University International College
    Hobbylistening to music, watching news and movies, going to the gym, public speaking, meditation, reading
    Películas favoritasHarry Potter, The Half of It