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Hello, my name is Annie, and I’m one of the kind teacher. When I teach English, I take my job seriously. I want to make sure that by the end of the day, the student will learn something. I’d like to correct English mistakes and explain thoroughly to each student about the course materials. Many students have told me that I’m not easy, I’m tough, and make them feel uncomfortable to learn English. Well, let me tell you something before you booking my class that I will be serious on you because I want you to get English. My style of teaching may look a bit tough on many students, but it is because I want the best for you and I want you to finally excel in English. I don’t want to see you taking so many classes of English, and have not improved. I care about every student and I wish to see his/her improvement. If you wish to be in my class and expect me to only listen, and not being able to point out the English errors or opinions, then I believe I’m not the ideal teacher for you. If you or your child is not ready learn English, but crying and throwing a tantrum at me in class, I kindly suggest you to please book another teacher. If your goal here is to succeed in English, you are willing to listen and exchange opinions, and be open minded, then I believe I’m the candidate teacher for you :) Cheers, I hope see you in class soon!

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  • Mariastar5

    Thank you very much for this lesson , I have loved knowing more about your country and its history , it is amazing how you can remember such interesting things . We will see each other again very soon because you are a great teacher. Bye

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