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I have always had an affinity for foreign languages. I have been fluent in English for many years now, having studied it throughout my whole education - elementary school, high school and later at university. I studied English Language and Literature as a major at the Faculty of Philology in Niksic (Montenegro) for 2 and half years. I had to pause my studies due to financial and personal reasons, but I continued to practice my language skills during this period. I even have some experience with ESL home tutoring to elementary school kids. I also have some experience with translating and interpreting (from English into Montenegrin and Montenegrin into English). At college I excelled at subjects such as Contemporary English - which consists of five courses: translation, vocabulary, grammar, writing exercises, and conversation exercises - so these are some fields that I could help the students with the most. Apart from proficiency, I offer a relaxed, friendly atmosphere during my classes and I would like all of my students to feel comfortable during the lesson so they can feel free to ask me any additional questions, which I will be more than glad to answer to. I'm looking forward to meeting all of my future students!

star 4.64
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