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Anastasia O

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I have a higher diploma in Mass Communication. I have worked as a peer educator where I combined teaching English in a conventional classroom for about a year, as a call center agent, as a customer service associate and as an executive assistant for a foundation. I am skilled at workflow automation, digital marketing. I am analytical and logical at solving business problems and able to manage lasting business relationships. I am able to support strategic direction of large-scale programs and manage risks, while achieving overall organizational goals and exceeding customer expectations. I can manage complex milestones, while adapting to changes and shifting priorities. I can assist cross-functional teams in delivering strategic initiatives proven to improve systems and processes. My people management skill is my most valued asset, because people find it easy to talk to me and I have a way of making people feel important and respected. I enjoy my work in communications, so I always bring a positive energy into every conversation. I am articulate, objective, very professional, friendly, agreeable, warm-hearted, welcoming and receptive to all kinds of personalities. With a mind filled with a positive attitude, it’s always easy to blend into the desired skills for every job. During the weekdays am an online tutor, an event planner on the weekends and a voice-over artist every other day. Hiking on the weekends is always exciting with new paths and new people set to achieve a similar goal. Because I love to meet people and interact, I have decided to teach students from around the world, within the comfort of my home. In my free time, I love watching movies, listening to good music and traveling to experience different cultures.

star 4.89
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EscuelaKaduna Polytechnic
HobbyMovies, Music ,Hiking and Traveling
Películas FavoritasComing to America