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Kris J

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Hello, my name is Kris J. I'm a portrait photographer and an online English teacher. I'm living in the United States. I have been an online English teacher for over a year now. Also, I have been a photographer for more than a decade. Photographing everything from dolphins, sports and child/family portraits. I like to spend my free time in the outdoors. I love to go camping, hiking, and kayaking all over the United States. I also like movies, TV shows, and spending a little time playing video games. I am also very interested in learning about other cultures, places, and languages from around the world. I hope to learn from my students as much as they may learn from me. I hope to see you soon in class. Thank you.

star 4.96
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  • caluesmastar5

    Fue una excelente conversación, espero poder tener otras pronto.

  • Marstar5

    Ohhh he is very nice and My class have bee perfect

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Estados Unidos
EscuelaFull Sail University
HobbyHiking, camping, kayaking, photography, movies
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