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Hi my name is Bise! All the way from Sydney, Australia, now living in Serbia (the Balkans) let me introduce myself. I have two bachelor’s degrees including a Bachelor of Arts in History and a Bachelor of Business in Marketing and Communications. I have worked in marketing for over seven years, in various industries such as music, broadcast media and publishing. At present I am completing my TEFL certificate. I have two years experience tutoring the English language to foreigners as well as over a year tutoring high school students in Legal Studies and English literature. What I experienced from being a tutor and being a student myself, is the most successful way to learn something new is practice, practice, practice. In fact! It takes your brain 21 repetitions of an action to form it into a habit. Because of my love of learning and teaching I’m also a firm believer that you can never have too much knowledge. What makes me an effective tutor is that I genuinely care about the education of my students. I want my students to set goals and we work together to achieve them. I will offer support, guidance and motivation in order for my students to get to where they want to be.

star 4.65
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