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Michael H

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I am an English National and a qualified TEFL/TESOL teacher based in Thailand. I have been teaching my native language for the past three years to children and adults of all ages. I have also been learning Thai as a second language so I fully understand it can be difficult at times. My aim is to ensure you are as successful as myself learning your second language. My hobbies: Music, Football, Travel. Countries Visited: Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Australia. I hope to meet you soon to find out about you and your interests whilst learning English.

star 4.92
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  • Luisstar5

    I was comfortable with the lesson. He’s very didactive.

  • pilarstar5

    Todo muy bien

  • Lui Gallarstar5

    He is the teacher who will inspire you to learn English, he is a really fantastic English teacher.

  • Sin Calificación

    Michael is a very good teacher. He has explained everything making many examples and giving me very good advices to improve my english. Thank you Michael!!!

  • Sin Calificación

    Michael is a very good teacher! He explain very well all of my mistakes and helping me with my pronunciation!.

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