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Jenny Ma

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Hello! I am Jenny Ma - a British lady living in Portugal with my partner, two dogs, and two kittens. I enjoy growing our own food on our small piece of land and am currently learning to speak another language myself, so I understand the complexities of learning a new language! I believe being able to speak English opens many doors in life for people who don't have English as their first language, and I enjoy helping others to learn in a fun and interesting way! My hobbies include creating artwork, singing, learning to play the guitar, and growing our own food.

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Paisunited_kingdomReino Unido
Fecha de Nacimiento1965-11-30
EscuelaStoke Damerel High School for Girls, Plymouth, Devon
HobbySinging, art, learning to play the guitar, energy healing, growing food and living self-sufficiently
Películas favoritasThe Fifth Element