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Hello, my name is Wes. I graduated from the University of Delaware in the United States of America, with a Bachelor's degree in Economics. However, I have worked in schools since I graduated. I have taught Technology to students between the grades of Kindergarten and 6th grade. My hobbies include making music (R&B, Hip-Hop, and Pop), playing video games, cooking and playing basketball. I believe the best way to learn English is to converse about topics in which you are interested. I have a diverse set of interests including, music, politics, sciences, athletics, working out, cooking, food, art, movies, traveling, fashion, video games, technology and the most recent gadgets, and many others. I think I would be an effective English teacher because not only will I help you speak English properly, I can, if you request it, also tell you how things would be spoken colloquially (non-formal speech, slang) in America. I look forward to meeting you soon in lessons!

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Paisunited_statesEstados Unidos
Fecha de Nacimiento1985-05-15
EscuelaUniversity of Delaware
HobbyMusic production, cooking, video games
Películas favoritasInception